Romain antique Marbre tête d'homme barbu - 22.5×0×0 cm

Romain antique Marbre tête d'homme barbu - 22.5×0×0 cm
2nd century A.D.

A beautiful Ancient Roman marble sculpture depicting the head of a bearded man.
The hair shows the typical technique of drilling, whereby small holes were drilled in the marble to give the hair a more lifelike and voluminous character.

The head has been mounted - probably during the Renaissance era - by the use of a wrought iron rod onto an antique fragment of a Roman column in breccia marble.

the head seems to have been repolished in some parts of the beard and the hair inthe Renaissance era.

Roman. Antonine dynasty.. 2nd century A.D.

Provenance: ex private collection Mr. F (BE)

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Informations du lot
Romain antique
tête d'homme barbu
22.5×0×0 cm
Siècle/ Période
2nd century A.D.
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