Romain antique Verre Groupe de 5 bouteilles de larmes de verre romaines, H. 7,5 à 10,5 cm, environ 100-200 après JC - (5)

Romain antique Verre Groupe de 5 bouteilles de larmes de verre romaines, H. 7,5 à 10,5 cm, environ 100-200 après JC - (5)
100-200 AD


Roman Period. Holy Land.

Circa 100-200 AD

Circa H. 7,5 to 10,5 cm.

Glass, in excellent condition with light deposits and stunning irisation.

The state of preservation excellent condition with light deposits and stunning irisation.

With Yanto Alexander Fine Art Collection, 2019.
Private Dutch collection acquired 1990 up to 2019.
Previously private Belgium collection, acquired 1980 - 1990.
Acquired London art market, 1980.

Group of 5 Roman Glass Tear Bottles, H. 7,5 to 10,5 cm, Circa 100-200 AD. Roman Period, Holy Land, 1st to 2nd Century AD. A nice glass "tear vial" bottle. A glass unguentarium, the piriform body with rounded base, long cylindrical neck with constricted base, the mouth flared with inward folded rim. Nice color with light deposits.

The tear bottle was part of an ancient tradition for remembering the past. Tear catchers were commonly used during Ancient Roman times, with mourners filling glass bottles with their tears, and placing them in tombs as a symbol of their respect for the deceased. It was also used to show remorse, guilt, love and grief. The women cried during the procession, and the more tears collected in tear bottles meant the deceased was more important.

Take this Cup from Me: A Look at Roman Glass Tear Bottles from the First Century When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mt. of Olives, he prayed to God, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will but yours be done.” (Luke 22:42) Before the Roman period, glass was made with a sand core mold, and was extremely expensive (more expensive than gold), but during the Roman period, glass blowing was invented, which changed the entire glass industry. Glass became much more common, and one of the first types of vessels to be made using this new blowing technique is the small elongated bottle that we call the “tear bottle.” This is not only because of the

Ancient Roman Glass Roman Glass had many uses in the first century and we read about inside the biblical texts where in Gethsemane, Jesus asks God the Father "would you take this cup away from me". These cups had a multiple uses in the first century and were used for tears we read in the book of psalms 56:8. Roman glass is known as great collector’s item to be displayed in homes. Roman glass is unique and as great investment. You can always trust this beautiful glass was made only once and its 2000 years old. Ancient glass is a very fragile item made out of a mix between sand and carpons, mostly mouth blown. The Roman have invented a very beautiful bottles cups and became a nice craft for income for those people.

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Informations du lot
Romain antique
Nombre d’objets
Groupe de 5 bouteilles de larmes de verre romaines, H. 7,5 à 10,5 cm, environ 100-200 après JC
Siècle/ Période
100-200 AD
Bon état, voir la photo
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