Autriche - 4 Ducato d'oro 1915 Franz Joseph I Restrike - Or

Autriche - 4 Ducato d'oro 1915 Franz Joseph I Restrike - Or
SUP (Superbe)

4 Ducats.

Minted from 1854 to 1914, this coin is considered one of the most beautiful of those produced by the Austrian mint. Although all the coins bear the date 1915, the 4 Ducats are also re-mints which came into circulation after that date. Furthermore, they were also coined in Milan and Venice under the Lombardy-Venetia reign. In 1920, mintage (still bearing the date 1915) experienced a significant increase, turning the coin into a "trade coin". "Trade coin" means a coin struck with the purpose of encouraging exchange between countries and avoiding the use of ingots. 4 Ducats, Austria, diameter: 39 mm, gross weight: 13.96 g, alloy (carat weight) 23.68 kt, fineness: 0.986, pure gold content: 13.77 g, 0.4430 troy ounce, year of minting: shown on the reverse side of the coin is 1915. This type of coin was and still is subject to restrikes, continuing to show the year 1915, mint: Austrian (Münze Osterreich). On the obverse there is the portrait of the draped and laureate bust of Francesco Giuseppe I, and on the edge there is the caption "FRANC IOS I D G AUSTRIAE IMPERATOR”. The back of the coin shows the Austrian shield on top of the two-headed eagle, and on the edge there is the caption: "HUNGAR BOHEM GAL (4) LOD ILL REX A A 1915”, where the number in brackets indicates the face value of the coin. The coin measures 39.5 mm in diameter and weighs 13.9636 g, with a gold fineness of 0.986/1000, giving the coin a fine gold content of 13.7773 g. Like for the 100 Crowns, the unique feature is that it is one of few coins bearing the Austrian mint mark of Vienna (Münze Osterreich) and one of the coins with the highest gold fineness. Please note: I do not ship to countries where the export of gold coins is complicated.

Informations du lot
Valeur nominale 2
Ducato d'oro
Année / Période et Variation
1915 Franz Joseph I Restrike
Métaux précieux
Nombre d’articles
Pièce de monnaie
SUP (Superbe)
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