American Sarouk - Tapis - 425 cm - 310 cm

American Sarouk - Tapis - 425 cm - 310 cm
Laine sur coton - Iran - Début du XXe siècle

Over size Antique ( + - 1930) Persian American Sarouck (sarough) carpet, very shiny soft wool (the shadow on pictures are because of the reflection of light on shiny wool.)with attractive Vegetable dyes with very rare special design. It is professionally washed.Collectors item, with certificate.

• Item number : 2197

• The rug was exported from Iran before Jan. 2015.

• Condition: In very good condition, with thick pile. (Please look at the pictures).

The American Sarouk was produced in the 1920s and ‘30s and, to some extent, the late ‘40s. The colors of the rugs were not attractive to the American market at the time, so once they arrived in New York, the majority of the American Sarouks were chemically washed and hand over-dyed in dark wine-red or blue shades. The chemical wash gave a luster to the rugs. Additionally, the over-dye process was performed on rugs made to imitate the look of a Sarouk, such as the Hamadan or Lilihan.
The Sarouk (Sarough) Rug Style - the typical theme for Sarough carpets - known to the western market as an American Sarouk (not the same as the traditional Sarough) design, consists of loosely-connected richly-colored, opulent floral sprays which radiate symmetrically-outward from a medallion-like central figure - all rendered on a background-field of salmon red. This large, lush, well-wearing and decorative carpet certainly proved to be a successful entry into the American rug-buying market and continues to be a popular choice today.
An antique Sarough rug is considered to be one of the most-luxurious exceptional-quality examples of Persian carpet making. Noted for their ability to withstand decades of wear, these rugs were made with a high quality, tough wool that is soft yet durable. Some of the characteristics that make these rugs fairly easy to identify are the classic florid style, the tomato-red or salmon-colored or dark blue background detailed with bright and clear color palette that features ivories, blues and ochres as well as the typical blue weft threads and heavy, plush pile.

Informations du lot
Nombre d’articles
American Sarouk
425 cm
310 cm
Laine sur coton
Pays d’origine
Période de fabrication
Début du XXe siècle
En très bon état
Tapis nettoyé professionnellement
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