Antonio de Cela - Paisaje, figuras y lago

Antonio de Cela - Paisaje, figuras y lago
Huile sur toile - 2014

Certified work, ready to be hung.
Dimensions with frame: 41 x 36 without frame 27 x 22. Ready to be hung.
Golden and white frame in decorated wood.
Excellent work of the great impressionist painter, Antonio de Cela, where you can see beautiful figures of women with a landscape.

In excellent condition.
Painter, sculptor...artist: that is why Antonio de Cela declares “that our way of life and joy are reflected in the things around us” (there is a search for both in all his paintings). Things, for him, are as we see them in his paintings (a charming ritual): they reflect the passage of time, our own finitude. It is perhaps in the things around us, in our landscapes and in our villages, that Antonio de Cela intends to express the secret need, the constant search for his roots and technique under the effects of impressionism.
- Certified and framed
A painter never stops learning, for he is always learning from life and he enjoys what life offers. He says that he lives away from this world, but full of it: “I paint my world, the landscapes of my homeland, the Mediterranean charm”. Impressionism invades his landscapes and gives them a light and colour fulfilling the lives of those who obtain his works.

Everyday we compose landscapes, we live with them and that radiance of colour and luminosity, a living reflection of the light that Antonio de Cela transmits, makes his painting reveal harmony and joy. In his works under that spring sun, fields and landscapes shine, you get closer to those towns of light and Mediterranean colour...and one notices how the ritual begins.

“As I write these lines, I remember the way I started to meet, and started to discover the artist composing this catalogue. Colours and aromas of turpentine flood my senses. Sense filled with the contemplation of a work well done, with mastery”.

Juan Romera Mollá
Commissioner Dean Facultad de Bellas Artes.

Professionally packed.
For shipments to the Canary Islands and the Italian islands, a 25 € extra fee will be charged for extra shipping costs.

Informations du lot
Antonio de Cela
Titre de l'œuvre d'art
Paisaje, figuras y lago
Huile sur toile
En bon état
Vente avec cadre
3 kg
Taille de l’image
22×27 cm
Dimensions totales
47×3×42 cm
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