Netsuke (1) - Ivoire - HO-TEÏ WITH TWO KARAKO - Signature : Mitsu-Tomo - Japon - Période Edo (1600–1868)

Netsuke (1) - Ivoire - HO-TEÏ WITH TWO KARAKO - Signature : Mitsu-Tomo - Japon - Période Edo (1600–1868)
Très bon état, voir la description - 3.5×4.8×2.5 cm


Ho-Teï is one of the seven gods of good fortune (Shichi-Fuku-jin). This domestic gods are familiar guardian spirits, mingling with the people's life,understanding humour and not minding a bit of caricature.

As a consequence, japanese artists have poften represented these familiar geniuses in funny positions or situations, E-bi-su, Daï-koku and Ho-teï being the favourite targets as popular belief was charging them with several human faults and a serious inclination for all sorts of amusements. Ho-teï is the most popular of this group, as god of happiness and temperance.

Of taoist origin, he is considered by the buddhists as an ambodiment of Maïtreya, the buddha of the future. Originally, he was most probably a 10th century priest, from the Ming-chu province in China, called Pu-Taï no san (Mister canvas bag).According to the myth, he was well know for his cheerful and smiling appearance and for his fat body and protruding abdomen. He wandered carrying a stick from which hanged a bag full of rags and food. He had the power of predicting the future while being particularly quirky and fussy. He loved the company of children with whom he enjoyed playing and foolling around.

He is represented here with two boys, one, standing squatting on his left foot, leaning on the right, the left hand on Ho-Teï chest the right one holding a small drumstick and using his protruding belly as a drum ; the other one kneeling, arms outstretched, his left hand holding one end of Ho-Teï fan partially blocked under his bottom.

The signature of Mitsu-Tomo is under the shoe of one of the karako. according to Ko-Ji Hô-Ten (V2 page 49), he was an 18th century carver. (see pictures)


End of 18th century


25,3 gr




Very good condition.

Please check pictures for global condition


From French private collection


See pictures of similar items on pages 24/25 of "Netsuke in comparison" by FlorianLangegger (arnoldsche 2018) - see picture


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Informations du lot
Nombre total d’articles
Période Edo (1600–1868)
Région/ Pays d’origine
Titre de l’œuvre d’art
HO-TEÏ WITH TWO KARAKO - Signature : Mitsu-Tomo
Très bon état, voir la description
3.5×4.8×2.5 cm
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