Antique Montblanc 1950s Celluloid Masterpiece 146 Fountain Pen 14c - Stylo à plume - Collection

Antique Montblanc 1950s Celluloid Masterpiece 146 Fountain Pen 14c - Stylo à plume - Collection
Allemagne - 1940-1949 - Bonne condition - état d’usage, représentant des traces d’age et des taches.

Made in Germany

This particular pen is in very good vintage condition! There are some micro scratches in the resin from handling, but the pen functions perfectly, with a very smooth telescopic piston. The gold plated trim shines beautifully for a pen that is nearly 70 years old! This Montblanc would make a fantastic addition to any collection!

Fully working and ready to write.

Consider the pictures as part of the description as they show the exact pen that will be purchased.

Comes fitted with an original Montblanc 4810 14c gold vintage (OBB) nib.

To date this pen is very simple. The first issue 146 (1949-52) is ever so slightly shorter than 1953-55, which again is ever so slightly shorter than the 1955-59 examples of the 146; also the piston design changed by mid 1950s. The Blind Cap tail end was originally stamped 146 - G (G = Glatt or Smooth/Gloss finish), but by the mid-50s, the G was removed. The nib had shaded the encircled “M” logo in center of nib = 1946-52. By 1953, the encircled (F) was no longer shaded. The Flat Ski Slope Line Feed (1939-54) was made chubby (Non Ski Slope) by 1955, as shown in the photos. As such, no parts (besides the nib) interchange between the 3 1950s 146 variants. For example, a 1951 cap will not fit a 1955 or 1958 example 146. Also a 1958 or 1955 piston will not screw inside the barrel of a 1951 without cracking it. The size difference is only fractions of a millimeter with each generation, but parts do not interchange. They are either loose or too tight if attempting to swap out the parts. This particular pen consists of all 1955 parts, with the exception of the shaded “M” logo in the center of the nib.

Made of vintage 1950s Celluloid, this pen’s cap, front Section, and Blind Cap (tail end) are all Jet Black High Gloss, non see-through. Its barrel is all see-through except the tail end. It has a fantastically beautiful patina and the color variations in the translucent celluloid show brilliant Oranges and Yellow Amber tones. It is a very handsome pen! The owner can observe the entire telescopic piston in action when filling or emptying it of ink, as well as the ink reserve inside the pen. The Clip and Rings are Yellow Gold plated and are in very good condition with only a little bit of brassing. Indeed the whole pen looks amazing for its age and has no dents or Bite marks, with the exception of some micro scratches from handling. This pen is a rare treasure indeed. The cap top’s white Star logo has aged to a wonderful creamy, off-white Ivory Color that is unique to 1940-50s Montblanc pens. From what we have been told, the original Meisterstucks that were shipped to the United States bore the name “Masterpiece” on the cap bands. This has become a collector’s favorite feature on the vintage 1950s pens…to own a rare “Masterpiece” stamped fountain pen. This just adds to this pen’s collectability.

Of course the real star of the show has to be that sublime 14C Full Flex nib. What a fantastic writer this will be for the lucky buyer! This flex nib has a crisp edged flat Iridium tip that allows for amazing line variation. It appears to have a Medium to Broad line down stroke with a Fine to Medium line side-stroke, or upstroke at normal pressure. It really comes to life when you exercise its flexibility. It looks like it can flex from a Fine to a Double Broad, or even BBB on the down stroke, based on the amount of pressure applied.

Informations du lot
Stylo à plume
Modèle / Type
Antique Montblanc 1950s Celluloid Masterpiece 146 Fountain Pen 14c
Pays d’origine
Bon état - quelques usures et tâches dues à l’âge
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