Pays-Bas - Gelderland - VOC Duiten 1731/1794 (12 Verschillende)

Pays-Bas - Gelderland - VOC Duiten 1731/1794 (12 Verschillende)
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The Netherlands - Gelderland - Dutch East India Company Duit coins 1731/1794 - 12 Different coins

Collection with 12 different Dutch East India Company Duit coins. Struck in the province of Gelderland.

Additional information:
During the 1594–1602 period, various so-called "Compagnieën van verre" (long-distance companies) traded in the east. These various independent companies were often involved in fierce competition among themselves, which had adverse effects on profits. That's why the government decided to found a single company. In 1602 the Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC; Dutch East India Company) came into being, which had the exclusive right to trade with Asia. In 1799 the VOC dissolved.

The "compagnieën van verre" traded using Spanish Reales (Spanish dollar), among others; they were even copied in Dordrecht and Middelburg. The later Dutch East India also used Reales and also high value Dutch gold and silver coins which were also in circulation here. Examples include the gold ducats and silver "leeuwendaalders", "rijders" and "rijksdaalders". When minted coins were very scarce, it was also permitted to export gold and silver bars. Due to the demand for small change, "schellingen"', "double stuivers", "stuivers" were also brought to east, followed by "duit" coins from 1724 onwards. This first shipment of duit coins were the common Dutch type from the Dordrecht mint. One duit was worth ¼ stuiver in Asia instead of ⅛ stuiver, however, so its value doubled there. This opened the door to large-scale illegal trade of duit coins in Asia. Therefore it was quickly decided to start striking a specific Dutch East India Company duit coin. Only ths specific type was declared valid. Most of these duit coins only feature the coat of arms of the province where they were struck on the reverse side, and no additional text. The obverse features the Dutch East India Company monogram with the year below. This new type was first struck in 1726.

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Informations du lot
Pays-Bas - Gelderland
Valeur nominale 2
VOC Duiten
Année / Période et Variation
1731/1794 (12 Verschillende)
Nombre d’articles
12 verschillende jaartallen
Pièce de monnaie
Qualités diverses
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