Tarts London - Massive Datums Sackuhr - Homme - England 1740

Tarts London - Massive Datums Sackuhr - Homme - England 1740
Remontage manuel - Argent - 2 boîtier extérieur - cadran Champleve - Repousee

Unusual rare early sack spindle clock in silver case with date in magnificent Champleve dial.
Leather - and repousé outer case - fine design.

60mm diameter without pendant - with 82 mm.
Height 37 mm Weight 145 g

Original casing in beautiful worn condition. Powerful construction.

Fine, very unusual dial.- Silver - very good condition - so-called Champleve dial showing two angels in the middle.
In addition, cartridge with company name, Tarts.
Under it is an engraved field for the finely worked date on a gold background.
Roman numerals with gold dot separation.
Baroque steel hands - gold coloured.

Winding from the back - winding key is available.

Release on the dial.

High early English spindle work in a beautiful shape.
Classic circular-shaped floral spindle in playful fine work.
Adjustable silver disc for movement speed. Beautiful angular hands and fantastic ornaments - signed Tarts London

The movement works. Precision has not been tested.

Mystical first case made of silver.
Repousse housing in beautiful shape and solid design - fine masterpiece.

Second casing with leather cover in black - embellishments with brass nails - on the back is a representation of a star.

Clock produced around 1740 in England.

Rare early collector's watch with unusual dial and interesting date display and beautiful double casing.

Pictures are part of the description.

Insured shipment with Österreichische Post AG.

Informations du lot
Tarts London
Massive Datums Sackuhr
England 1740
Remontage manuel
Matériau du boîtier
Finesse du matériau
2 boîtier extérieur - cadran Champleve - Repousee
Montre de poche
Envoi assuré
Portée et en très bon état
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