Empire romain - Denarius - Galba (69 A.D.), Rome mint, RENASCENS ROMA - Argent

Empire romain - Denarius - Galba (69 A.D.), Rome mint, RENASCENS ROMA - Argent
TTB (Très Très Beau)

Roman Empire - Galba (AD 68-69). Silver denarius ( 2.93g., 17 mm ). Rome mint.

IMP GALBA, laureate head right, globe at point of bust.
RENASCENS ROMA, Roma advancing right, holding Victory and spear.
RIC 28.

Great portrait. Nice silver tone.

Servius Sulpicius Galba came from a high-ranking family and was well regarded by Tiberius and favored by Livia. Consul in 33; held military commands in Gaul, Germany and Spain; under Nero he came out of retirement to govern Hispania Tarraconensis.In 68 he rose against Nero and becoming emperor in June. While he seemed to have all the old-fashioned Roman virtues, he soon became widely unpopular because of the harsh measures he took to restore the state and the influence his equally unpopular favorites had over his policies. Legions in Germany revolted under Vitellius and, at approximately the same time, M. Salvius Otho was chosen emperor by the Praetorians; Galba was murdered by soldiers on 15 January 69. The most damning description of him was given by Tacitus: “omnium consensu capax imperii nisi imperasset” “everyone thought him capable of ruling the empire until he did"


Informations du lot
Empire romain
Année / Période et Variation
- Galba (69 A.D.), Rome mint, RENASCENS ROMA
Métaux précieux
Pièce de monnaie
TTB (Très Très Beau)
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