1964 Palo Cortado - Toro Albala "Marques de Poley" Seleccion - 3 bottles (0.75l) in OWC

1964 Palo Cortado - Toro Albala "Marques de Poley" Seleccion - 3 bottles (0.75l) in OWC
Fortified Wine - Montilla Moriles - Cordoba - Spain - Bottled in 2017

Palo Cortado Marqués de Poley 1964
Bottled for us, with a provisional label, a wine that left us completely amazed. It is the first Palo Cortado that Toro Albalá will release to the market. They confessed to us that they did not know they had such a good product, but they discovered that the cut sticks had produced a spectacular wine.

"You know that the Palos Cortados are one of the great mysteries of wines, that they are accidents and therefore we cannot provoke them, they simply arise." Precious statement that makes these wines even more immense.

Tasting notes: Amber in colour with tones of old gold. Aromas of nuts and dried fruit, spices. Intense and powerful. The mouth presents a long, fine and elegant drink. It is a wine with a lot of personality and structure, round, a gentleman.

The 1964 Palo Cortado Marqués de Poley Selección was aged in a solera system of which 50 botas remain. It's a very old fortified wine produced with Pedro Ximénez grapes, aged in well-seasoned American oak barrels. It is full-bodied, which hints at an Oloroso origin, and has the aromas of a very old wine with rusty nail, saltpeter, low tide, phosphor and matchstick notes with a volatile twist. Wines like this are not meant to be consumed by the general public (the price already prevents that) as their style is not easy to appreciate and might seem aggressive to some. There are 24,000 liters of this wine, and the plan is to bottle it in 375-milliliter bottles. Luis Gutiérrez – The Wine Advocate

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