Ventes d’appareils photo et d’équipement optique (argentique 1950-2000)

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Edwin Molenaar

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Ed van Mil

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"Zórki-3M". A unique rare camera. The USSR 1955.

Appearance is gorgeous. The shutter is working, but not all shutter speeds work correctly. Inside the lens a couple of fungus spots. If the winner of the bet will bet more than 50 euros, as a gift to him I will put in the parcel another new "Jupiter-8". Found out the fungus late and just too lazy to change the lens and take pictures)) Plus

"Kiev-4A" (1978) + "Zorki-4" (1970). USSR

"Kiev-4A"-Completely working. "Zorki-4"-the self-timer is working, the optics are normal, the shutter executes shutter speeds in the entire range, but does not work one of the shutters-is set as non-working. Plus

"Lyubitel'"+"Lyubitel'-166В" LOMO (Leningrad) USSR.

"Lyubitel'" -Appearance is excellent, fully workable, with a passport.There is not much dust in the mirror shaft. "Lyubitel'-166B"-Appearance is excellent, workable, but the platoon lever after the descent is not fully restored to its original position, you need to help him with a finger-need an easy service. Plus

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